Wisdom in the Pandemic: Episode 2 | John Philip Newell

Conversations in the Garden with 
John Philip Newell during Covid-19

In this episode, Hildegard of Bingen inspires us to fly with two wings of awareness: awareness of life’s beauty and awareness of life’s pain.

‘Wisdom During the Pandemic: Conversations in the Garden with John Philip Newell’ are a weekly video series “drawing on wisdom from teachers of the past.” John Philip will be asking, if these teachers were with us during this time, what might they say to us?
Music composed and video produced by Cameron Newell.

Wisdom in the Pandemic Episode 1 | John Philip Newell

Conversations in the Garden with 
John Philip Newell during Covid-19

We are excited to announce the launch of a new video series – ‘Wisdom in the Pandemic: Conversations in the Garden with John Philip Newell’. Each week John Philip and his son Cameron will be in conversation amidst their garden in Edinburgh, “drawing on wisdom from teachers of the past.” John Philip will be asking, if these teachers were with us during this time, what might they say to us? 
In this first episode, they will be speaking of the late William Newell, who calls on us to open our hearts to the pain of the world in order to feel compassion.

A New Ancient Harmony Video Series | John Philip Newell

We are clearly living in an unprecedented time. Like never before there is an opportunity to pause and remember the oneness at the heart of all life and move deeper into spiritual grounding. John Philip Newell’s video teaching series, based on the themes from his republished book, ‘A New Ancient Harmony‘ offers an essential resource in exploring this invitation. The videos below were filmed by Larry Hastings at Ghost Ranch in Northern New Mexico.

“There is an essential harmony of relationship deep within the matter of the universe. Everything exists in relation to everything else. This is part of the new consciousness that we are being invited to wake up to –
the interbeing of the universe.”
-John Philip Newell

The Essential Harmony: Remembering the Oneness

Broken Harmony: Allowing the Tears

Rediscovering Our Original Unity

Listening for the Heartbeat of Life | John Philip Newell

“Do we know that we can reverence the heartbeat of God in one another and in the earth? This practice of intentional listening is a key part of the journey forward. For in listening we become aware of the deep life-force for change that is within us.”

John Philip Newell

For Earth Day: The Wisdom of John Muir

In celebration of John Muir’s birthday on April 21 and to commemorate April 22 as Earth Day, we hope you’ll take a moment to view a teaching from John Philip Newell on the great Scottish-American naturalist, author, and mystic. The teaching was filmed in the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh, Scotland and is a clarion call to care for the earth at this critical time.

"Muir was a prophet... he was committed to announcing the sacredness of the natural world and called his readers to fall in love with the earth."

-John Philip Newell

Capacitar Tai Chi

Dear Heartbeat Family,
I hope you are coping during this time of COVID 19 and lockdown. My blessings, prayers and thoughts are with you all. I thought this would be an appropriate time to highlight some of the work we’ve done in practicing Capacitar Tai Chi in retreats, which I have co-led with Philip. During these difficult days, it is good to keep exercising and Capacitar Tai Chi is a wonderful way to feel grounded and calm in the midst of all the uncertainties.
Dr Pat Cane, founder of Capacitar became an Honorary Partner of Heartbeat last year. Capacitar is a grassroots organization and international network working in over 40 countries in the Americas, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. They are especially committed to communities affected by violence, poverty and trauma. At present many are accessing the Capacitar practices online, through video or through video conference as people support each other through the pandemic.
Here is a resource, which we filmed in the Edinburgh Botanical Gardens, before it closed! Even if you have never tried Capacitar Tai Chi with visualisation, the movements are simple and easy to follow. Feeling connected to the healing spring energy and beauty is helpful when we have to spend more time indoors. The movements and the setting sit well with these words from Philip:
Grant us open hearts, O God
open to you
and open to one another
open to the splendour of the earth
and open to its pain and the pain of its people.
Grant us open hearts, O God.  
-Excerpt from ‘Celtic Treasure’ by John Philip Newell
Along with the prayers from Philip’s publications which have been posted regularly to strengthen us, I hope the Capacitar practices might be a useful way too of connecting and supporting each other. This can make us strong for the work of compassion in our world right now. 
Rev Ali Newell
Associate Chaplain, Edinburgh University

Boundless: A Celtic Vision of the Sacred in All Things

In July, John Philip Newell was invited to speak at Hartford Seminary in Connecticut. Delivered to a packed house at a free event co-sponsored by First Church of West Hartford and Saint John’s Episcopal Church of West Hartford, John Philip’s talk spoke to the themes of Celtic Spirituality, which celebrates the essential sacredness of all things.

Thanks to our dear friends at Hartford Seminary, the talk was recorded and you are able to view the entire presentation below. We hope you enjoy.

Let our soul breathe hope

Our friends at The Work of the People have produced a stunning video featuring a prayer by John Philip Newell. Watch below.



Prayer for Creativity & Chant: You Shall Be Like A Garden” John Philip Newell, Rio Chama New Mexico

Response-ability | John Philip Newell

Our friends at The Work of the People have produced a fantastic series of short films featuring John Philip Newell.
In this fourth and final segment, John Philip discusses our “response-ability” when faced with the injustice, suffering, and oppression.