The Liberating Path of the Hebrew Prophets: Then and Now – A New Must Have Read by Rabbi Nahum Ward-Lev

In challenging times, how do we respond with courage, wisdom, and vision?

Rabbi Nahum Ward-Lev – frequent co-teacher and dear friend of John Philip Newell and last year’s Iona Pilgrimage Honorary Partner Awardee – wrote The Liberating Path of the Hebrew Prophets: Then and Now to address that need. In the lineage of liberation theology, this book presents the liberating message of the Hebrew Bible, speaking directly to our lived experience.

The Liberating Path of the Hebrew Prophets shows that exodus, the ongoing journey out of oppression and toward human flourishing, is the true heart of the Biblical story. The book then develops Biblical liberation themes through the writings of contemporary prophets and writers including Martin Luther King, Abraham Joshua Heschel, Martin Buber, Paulo Freire, Gustavo Guttiérez, Beverly Harrison, James Cone, James and Grace Lee Boggs and bell hooks.

Nahum’s book empowers readers of all faiths and backgrounds to understand current challenges through a prophetic lens and to take   their own prophetic action. Learn more about Nahum and his book on his website.

"The two most critical issues facing humanity today, our relationship with the earth and a just response to refugees and the poorest among us, are cogently addressed by Ward-Lev, brilliantly weaving together the two strands. Standing in a long prophetic lineage, he passionately invites us to let the earth bring forth its energies for healing and to summon from the human soul a new vision for justice."
John Philip Newell
Author and Teacher

Other Endorsements

"This wonderfully well-written book inspires us to bring our passion, creativity, and imagination to the sacred work of building a society that supports the flourishing of all."
Parker J. Palmer
Founder and Senior Partner Emeritus
Center for Courage and Renewal
"I finished this book with waves of wonder and gratitude."
Walter Brueggeman
Old Testament scholar and theologian
"We live in an era that is desperate for the voices of the Hebrew prophets. Nahum Ward-Lev’s efforts to awaken us to the prophetic teachings is a great gift at a crucial moment in human history."
Susannah Heschel
Professor of Jewish Studies,
Darthmouth College