Blessings On This Day | John Philip Newell | Prayer | Celtic Spirituality


On this day

the blessings of heaven.

On this day

the blessings of earth.

On this day

the blessings of sea and of sky.

To open us to life

to ground us in life

to fill us with life

and with wonder.

On those we love this day

and on every human family

the blessings of heaven

the blessings of earth

the blessings of sea and of sky.

From Praying with the Earth: A Prayerbook for Peace by John Philip Newell | photo credit: Ben Lindwall

“Prayer for Presence” and “Chant: As A Deer Longs” John Philip Newell

The Glow of the Eternal | John Philip Newell | Celtic Spirituality

CB-3In the temple of my inner being,
in the temple of my body,
in the temple of earth, sea and sky,
in the great temple of the universe
I look for the light that was in the beginning,
the mighty fire that blazes still from the heart of life, glowing in the whiteness of the moon,
glistening in night stars,
hidden in the black earth,
concealed in unknown depths of my soul.
In both the light and the shadows of my being let me glimpse the glow of the eternal.

John Philip Newell, “Sounds of the Eternal: A Celtic Psalter”, 68. Photo by Chuck Summers.

DEBUT: Ground of All Being

The music debut of the new version of Ground of All Being at Ghost Ranch on July 25, 2014. Lyrics by John Philip Newell and music arrangement from Davide E. Poole.