Salat, Communion, and the first 20 miles

On our second day on the Camino we stop on the outskirts of Viveda in Cantabria. It’s an ideal spot for Mohamed to teach about salat and lead our group in prayer since there is a water spout for the ceremonial washing. Most of us are learning and participating in salat for the first time. As Mohamed sings the call to prayer a deep sense of reverence fills our hearts. After this first experience, Mohamed invited us to join him whenever he pauses for prayer throughout the week. There is much gratitude for his invitation and hospitality in his spiritual practice.

Later in the day we arrive at Posada Ijanas. Before dinner our Norwegian pilgrim, Annette (a lutheran pastor), leads us in a simple communion ceremony. She tenderly speaks of her love of the ritual as a way of celebrating community and a love that is as expansive as the universe.

Finally we fall in bed having walked almost 20 miles/32 km in the first two days. Already we feel the landscape begin to fill us with wonder and possibility as we walk, talk, and pray.


Mohamed leading our group in salat.