Rabbi Nahum Ward-Lev

Iona Pilgrimage Honorary Partner Awardee September 2018


Rabbi Nahum Ward-Lev founded and leads Beit Midrash of Santa Fe, a multi-faith sacred learning community. He has led workshops at retreat centers, synagogues, churches and seminaries across the United States, including Union Theological Seminary, Ghost Ranch, Santa Maria de la Vid Abbey and Stony Point Center. His teaching invites learners into an adventurous exploration that engages the body, heart and soul as well as the mind.  He is an experienced spiritual director, accompanying people of many faiths.  Nahum is the Scholar-in-Residence at Temple Beth Shalom in Santa Fe, NM and a Fellow of the Rabbis Without Borders Initiative.

In 2019, Nahum published The Liberating Path of the Hebrew Prophets: Then and Now. In challenging times, how do we respond with courage, wisdom, and vision? Nahum wrote this book to address that need. In the lineage of liberation theology, this book presents the liberating message of the Hebrew Bible, speaking directly to our lived experience. 

The Liberating Path of the Hebrew Prophets shows that exodus, the ongoing journey out of oppression and toward human flourishing, is the true heart of the Biblical story. The book then develops Biblical liberation themes through the writings of contemporary prophets and writers including Martin Luther King, Abraham Joshua Heschel, Martin Buber, Paulo Freire, Gustavo Guttiérez, Beverly Harrison, James Cone, James and Grace Lee Boggs, and bell hooks. Read More…

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The two most critical issues facing humanity today, our relationship with the earth and a just response to refugees and the poorest among us, are cogently addressed by Ward-Lev, brilliantly weaving together the two strands. Standing in a long prophetic lineage, he passionately invites us to let the earth bring forth its energies for healing and to summon from the human soul a new vision for justice.
John Philip Newell