Camino Update!

Our group has now traveled nearly 40 miles and is now foraging for lunch in San Vicente de Barquera (0ur internet connections have been few and far between!). As we pause in this village by the sea, it is fascinating to note the way the dynamics of a group form while walking an ancient pilgrimage route.    We’re learning to pray in each other’s tradition or expression of faith, we are learning each other’s songs, and we continue to move our feet together in unison as we seek to understand each other.

We have watch our landscape change from urban to rural. From highway roads to country trails. From rolling hills to distant snowcapped mountains. Always we are held by the hospitality our hosts, the barking dogs, and the common blessing, “Buen Camino!”

Because of our lack of access to internet here on the Camino del Norte, we’ll be spreading out our posts over the next few weeks while still trying to give live updates while we are still on The Way. More to come!