About Us

Our Board of Directors:

Chair: Rob McClellan of Fairfax, CA

Vice Chair: Cathlin Baker of West Tisbury, MA

Steve Romeyn of Roswell, GA

Roy Barsness of Seattle, WA

Margaret Anne Fohl of Lancaster, VA

Frannie Hall Kieschnick of Palo Alto, CA

Charles LaFond of Albuquerque, NM

Honorary: John Philip Newell and Ali Newell

Staff and VIPs:

Executive Director: Ben Lindwall of Portland, OR / Email: ben@heartbeatjourney.org

Communications Coordinator: Karin Baard of Portland, ME / Email: karin@heartbeatjourney.org

Recording Secretary: Joni Mack of Pinedale, WY

Books and CDs: Elizabeth Cauthorn of San Antonio, TX