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“Reconnecting is the word! The deep connection is already there and given, but this little book of wisdom will help you to find the essential message again—and in fresh, intelligent ways.”

Fr. Richard Rohr, OFM, Center for Action and Contemplation, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“Wow. If you found Echo of the Soul profound and insightful, then this book will move you all the more with fresh insight into the rebirth of everything. What a writer, what a book!”

-Rob Bell, pastor; founder, Mars Hill Bible Church; author, Love Wins


For many years now the Celtic poet, peacemaker and scholar John Philip Newell has been writing about the sacredness of being, the of-Godness that is at the heart of our lives and all life. In this new work he asks what the world in general—and Christianity in particular—would look like if the true depths of our sacredness were to come forth in radically new ways.

Drawing on modern prophets from East and West, and using the holy island of Iona as an icon of new beginnings, this book speaks directly to the heart of Christians—those within the well-defined bounds of Christian practice and those on the disenchanted edges—as well as to the faithful and seekers of other traditions. It offers the hope of a fresh stirring of the Spirit among us and the invitation to be part of laboring in a new holy birth of sacred living.

Publisher: Skylight Paths

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A New Harmony: the Spirit, the Earth, & the Human Soul

One of Spirituality & Practice’s Best Spiritual Books of 2011.
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As never before in the history of humanity, we are becoming aware of the interrelatedness of life. The question is whether we will translate this emerging consciousness into transformative action so that we and the world may be well. (‘With a book like this, religious history looks less bleak and spirituality much closer to home’ – Matthew Fox)

Praying with the Earth

Catholic Press 2012 award winner. 3rd place in the Spirituality Hardcover category.

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Is there something more important to do than pray for peace, and in particular to pray for peace within the family of Abraham and Sarah and Hagar? The shadow side of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam is at the heart of some of the most conflicted places of hatred and violence in our world today. Without peace in the family of Abraham there will not be peace among us as nations.

Praying with the Earth is an urgent peace-offering from within the Christian household. Every morning and evening in this prayer book sentences from the Quran, the Hebrew Scriptures, and the teachings of Jesus are used in order to pray for peace and to strengthen our commitment as peacemakers.

Chanting for Peace: Praying with the Earth Meditative Chants & Prayers


John Philip Newell
with soloist Suzanne Butler

The chants, sung in English, have a descant in the original language from the three households of Abraham, Sarah and Hagar. The words are selections from the Quran, the Hebrew Scriptures and the Words of Jesus and are interwoven with prayers by John Philip Newell. The soloist and music director is Suzanne Butler who was featured on Newell’s previous chant CD, Sounds of the Eternal.
The composer Linda Larkin is from Santa Fe; the spoken prayers are from John Philip’s new book Praying with the Earth.

Christ of the Celts: the Healing of Creation


A spirituality with radical implications for the earth consciousness of today, inseparably weaving together love of Christ and love of Creation.
Audio version also available.

(‘Graceful, wise and important’ – Marcus Borg)

Christ of the Celts: The Healing of Creation


Christ of the Celts: The Healing of Creation (4 CDs) Unabridged Audio written and read by J. Philip Newell

Listening for the Heartbeat of God


The best-selling introduction to the history of Celtic Christianity and its implications for today.

(Editorial Review: ‘This excellent little book makes a good first foray into the subject of Celtic Spirituality.’)

Sounds of the Eternal: A Celtic Psalter (American Edition 2012)

sounds of eternal.img_assist_custom-125x200
Announcing the new American edition of John Philip Newell’s adored and transformative prayerbook, Sounds of the Eternal: A Celtic Psalter with four never before published prayers! Also, featuring the contemporary, subtle, and calming illustrations by the artist, Tobi Kahn.The artwork is a perfect compliment to each morning and night prayer and certainly a beautiful way to experience the words in a fresh and illuminating way.

Sounds of the Eternal: Meditative Chants and Prayers

sounds of eternal - chants and prayers

These rich prayers and chants are a companion to the book Sounds of the Eternal; the CD serves as an aid to awaken awareness of the goodness of creation and of the body. The prayers, inspired by Jewish and Celtic spirituality, are interspersed with an accompanying chant. The music and vocals of a Celtic and middle-eastern nature have been said to be “inspiring,” “strengthening,” “peaceful” and create a sense of “nearness.” Excellent for prayer and meditation groups, retreats and workshops. This CD, originally published in 2006, has a new cover which is inspired by the artwork of Tobi Kahn.

Sonidos de lo Eterno


John Philip Newell
Un Salterio Celta

These translated morning and evening prayers are from the Celtic Christian tradition and from ancient Jewish spirituality.  They invite us to rediscover the mystery of God’s image within. This edition includes an additional three prayers that give voice to common yearnings of the human soul.

Translated by Carlos Exposito Irarragorri and Marie Cristina Borges Alvarez, Cuban priests who were introduced to Newell’s writing at Shalem Institute.

The Book of Creation

book of creation

An exploration of Celtic Christianity’s celebration of creation and creativity.

(Editorial Review: ‘Newell is quickly becoming one of today’s most authoritative and inspirational voices on Celtic Spirituality.’)

Celtic Benediction


A book of morning and night prayer illuminated with beautiful artwork from the 7th-century Lindisfarne Gospels. A new expression of an ancient tradition.

(Reader Review: ‘The poetry of this book speaks directly to the human heart.’)

A Celtic Mass for Peace

celtic mass

Composed by Guitarist Sam Guarnaccia, with Lyrics by Philip Newell, this beautiful CD was inspired by the haunting spirit of the Celtic world. Soloist: Suzanne Adam with Elizabeth Von Trapp and other choral voices. Instrumentation include Violin, Flute, Cello, Viola, Bodhran, Guitar, Whistle & Small Pipes. Tracks include: Song of the Universe, Sanctus, The Prayer of Jesus, Agnus Dei, Benedictus and Song of Peace.

Celtic Prayers from Iona

celtic prayers from iona

A weekly cycle of prayer from Iona Abbey in the Western Isles of Scotland, reflecting the spirituality and justice concerns of the modern-day Iona Community.

(Reader Review: ‘A particularly lovely incarnation of the Celtic spirituality that so many of us have come to appreciate.’)

Echo of the Soul


John Philip put in thought form (in Echo of the Soul) the essence expressed in prayer form in Sounds of the Eternal: A Celtic Psalter. Drawing on the two great traditions of Celtic Spirituality and Jewish Spirituality, Newell gives radical affirmation of the goodness of creation and of the human body.

“Echo of the Soul is rather a minor miracle.” –Booklist

One Foot in Eden: A Celtic View of the Stages of Life


A Celtic perspective on the stages of life from birth to death as a way of rediscovering the goodness of what is deepest in us.
(Editorial Review: ‘Poetic insights into the human journey.’)(‘Graceful, wise and important’ – Marcus Borg)

Promptings from Paradise


A contemplative and practical handbook for developing an awareness of God’s presence within all things.

(Editorial Review: ‘Well-known Celtic expert J. Philip Newell uses an imaginative contemplation of the Gospels to bring readers to the realization that the kingdom of God is already within them. … He then helps us move from prayer to social action.’)

Celtic Treasure


A daily pattern of scripture and prayer illuminated with artwork from the Book of Kells alongside the simplicity of children’s Celtic artwork today.

(Reader Review: ‘This little book is an absolute gem’)

Shakespeare and the Human Mystery


A study of Shakespeare’s dramatis personae as archetypes of the human soul.

(Editorial Review: ‘This vibrant and moving book investigates the mystery of our human nature, illuminating how Shakespeare’s characters may be seen as expressions of what is deepest in us.’)

Ground of All Being: The Prayer of Jesus in Color


John Philip Newell
The Prayer of Jesus in Color

“Remind[ing] us of the Oneness from whom we have come and the one earth to which we belong.” – JP Newell

This small book is the collaboration of the Celtic scholar John Philip Newell and photographer Claudia Tammen. It brings a new vocabulary for today to the ancient prayer of Jesus and combines it with iconic photography from the high desert of New Mexico. Each page of this little gem has a full color image facing one line of the beautiful prayer allowing the reader to contemplate the profound mystery of God through words and images. Included in this gift edition are journal pages to record one’s reflections.

Great Creating Spirit – Leader’s Guide


A celebration of communion and spirit, this congregational booklet and leader’s guide finds language for today that expresses the desire to move back into relationship with the earth. The leader’s book is suitable for the celebration of communion in large or small congregational settings, and contains three distinct versions of the Celtic Earth Mass, as well as musical resources to be used in accompaniment with the words. It is also ideal for personal prayer and devotion.

Great Creating Spirit – Congregational Booklet

GreatCreatingSpiritCongregational226x320Sold as a package of 10 booklets

A celebration of communion and spirit, this congregational booklet and leader’s guide finds language for today that expresses the desire to move back into relationship with the earth. The leader’s book is suitable for the celebration of communion in large or small congregational settings, and contains three distinct versions of the Celtic Earth Mass, as well as musical resources to be used in accompaniment with the words. It is also ideal for personal prayer and devotion.